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Picture of a cookbook and teapot
A picture of mountains in Darjeeling
A picture of a lady grey box
A cup of black tea, surrounded by different types of black tea leaves
South American Landscape

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A painting of balloons
Japanese Tea Garden In San Francisco
Narcissus mural for M.A.P in Torrijos Spain
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A bag of Pomegranate White Tea next to a teacup with brewed tea in it, on the edge of a railing with a beautiful green yard in the background.
A photo in front of the windows of the tea shop with a shelf full of tins of various herbs and spices with two chairs on either side. In one of the chairs is a black service dog in a grey hoodie and a harness.
A tea cup and saucer set with purple flowers printed on it and brewed Chocolate Earl Grey tea in it. In the background is a colorful tin of loose leaf tea and a vase with fake purple flowers in it with a tea cup lamp behind it.
A pink travel tumbler full of cold brewed witches broom puerh tea held up in front of a tree with bright pink flowers all over it.
A vintage tea cup filled with Scottish Breakfast black tea on top of a vintage copy of Pride and Prejudice and a vintage pair of white lace gloves.
A picture of a glass teapot with Sandia Spice black tea brewed inside it and a bag of the loose leaf tea next to it. In the background is a beautiful landscape with mountains and evergreen trees, taken in Ketchikan, Alaska.