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A picture of a lady grey box
A cup of black tea, surrounded by different types of black tea leaves
South American Landscape
A person looking at a tea field while enjoying a cup of tea.
Loose leaf tea on table

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A painting of balloons
Japanese Tea Garden In San Francisco
Narcissus mural for M.A.P in Torrijos Spain
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A small dog watching the photographer from the other side of a table covered in a beautiful painting and painting supplies with a jar of Cream Earl Grey tea and a mug of brewed tea in the center of it all.
Photo of a cup of tea
A cat in the background sniffing a brewed mug of Huckleberry Black tea with the bag of tea next to it and a mug full of atole for breakfast in the foreground.
A small clay teapot behind a box of white puerh tea set on top of a table with leaves hanging down from above.
A bag of Honeybush Banana Nut tea next to a mug full of brewed tea with latte foam on top