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Picture of a cookbook and teapot
A picture of mountains in Darjeeling
A picture of a lady grey box
A cup of black tea, surrounded by different types of black tea leaves
South American Landscape
A person looking at a tea field while enjoying a cup of tea.

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A painting of balloons
Japanese Tea Garden In San Francisco
Narcissus mural for M.A.P in Torrijos Spain
Untitled Acrylic on canvas

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A brown, handmade mug filled with a Pumpkin Spice Black tea latte with whipped cream on top and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Behind it is a bag of Pumpkin Spice Black tea and a potted plant. In the further background is a display of various tea labels for other teas.
A slice of pumpkin berry cake/bread with a pile of blackberries in front of it in a collage with the label photo for Grapefruit White and a close-up photo of grapefruit white loose leaf tea.
A bag of Kenyan Purple Tea in between a tall glass and a brown clay teapot.
A bag of Coconut Dreams black tea with a mug that has a rainbow unicorn silicone infuser hanging over the side to steep the tea.
A bag of rooibos masala chai tea in front of a white patterned mug.
A glass and a jug full of Island Hibiscus Punch sun tea next to a tin of the loose leaf tea.