A Morning With Matcha

Today I began with a cup of matcha after breakfast. For me, the lasting sensation is that of an attentive calm.

Japanese Tea Garden In San Francisco
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As you may know, matcha is a powdered green tea that incorporates into an exquisitely silky and satiating beverage.

I love the flavors: a mellow grassy body, offset by a subtle nutty sweetness, and a round savory finish. I love the visuals: a super-fine and gorgeous green powder, which stacks and sifts into pretty little micro-structures and subsequently darkens into a deep lushness when water is added... I love the tools: refined, simple, and effective.

And I love the ritual. This is to say, my ritual, because matcha preparation can be as ceremonial or as casual as you wish for the occasion. But we know the act or art of making tea sets a tone before even the first sip.

Small whisk, big reward


A bamboo whisk ("chasen") is the best tool for matcha preparation.

Fill a cup with warm water until the waterline meets the faint demarcation (about 2" up the tines) in order to unfurl the ends. Once they are relaxed, you are ready to heartily whisk matcha mixture.

Begin by pressing your bowl stable with one hand and make a vigorous "M" pattern along the bottom of the bowl with the whisk in your other hand. When the tea is smoothly combined, begin lifting the whisk within the bowl while continuing the pattern. As the chasen nears the surface, you will see that you are aerating the tea by driving tiny air bubbles into it. More bubbles equal a creamier texture.


Here is a video on youtube that does a good job of explaining a pretty simple way to make matcha. They sift the matcha into the bowl, which can help with making it easier to whisk, but is not nessesary.

Angel Wong's Kitchen

Traditional Matcha preparation simplified and explained in this easy-to-follow tutorial.