Strange New Teas

Deep summer: the perfect time to add a touch of playfulness to our lives! We each deserve some flights of fancy during all this daylight.

Narcissus mural for M.A.P in Torrijos Spain
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Here at NM Tea Co, we have enjoyed supplementing our slower days with little creative projects, like using our staff whiteboard to write collaborative stories (bizarre and wonderful characters include space pirates and a very stinky goose), or to vote on names for our plants... Additionally, we've been toying with the unusual color-shifting Kenyan Purple Tea, which we recently added to our assortment. We have even crafted ten new teas, blended specifically for the 23rd century (you read that right).

If you are curious to find a new brew to stimulate, soothe, or refresh, please do reach out! We are delighted to help, and to hear of your strange summer projects if you have a chance to visit.

May you find a few sunny whims to fulfill.

New Expressions

Purple Leaf Tea

Purple tea is also a varietal of camellia sinensis, like black, green, oolong, etc.

The growing leaves display a gorgeous ruddy color, due to the presence of anthocyanins, which are the antioxidants responsible for the red, purple or blue expressions found in some berries and vegetables.

Brewed, the color instantly awakens into a surprising pink with the addition of lemon juice. The light body and pretty hue make for a dazzling iced tea.